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Trigger and Online workshop

on the future of BaBar and the future beyond BaBar

December 2nd and 3rd, 2004

Henry Salvatori Seminar Room
Seeley G. Mudd Building of Geophysics and Planetary Science

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The workshop is now completed. Although we don't plan a formal proceedings document, we will complete our collection of the presentations given, and retain it on this Web site. A summary of the workshop and a view of the action items it has generated will be presented on Thursday, December 9th at the BaBar collaboration meeting by Gregory Dubois-Felsmann.

Many thanks to all the participants for their contributions, to the Caltech High Energy Physics staff for their help with organization and making things run smoothly, and to the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences for providing such a comfortable room for the meeting!

The workshop has an all-plenary format, with an emphasis on discussion. The Thursday 2 December session (10:00-18:00) is devoted to the future of BaBar through its planned upgrades. The Friday 3 December session (starting at 08:30) will consider issues associated with the design of a notional L = 5-7 * 10^35 super-B-factory detector.

Day 1 (12/2): The Future of BaBar

Day 2 (12/3): Planning for a Super-B-Factory detector

Logistics: location, parking, meals

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, gpdf at hep dot caltech dot edu
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