Ryan Patterson
Assistant Professor of Physics
California Institute of Technology

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Research Interests
Broadly, my interests relate to particle physics, astroparticle physics, and cosmology. I am currently working in the neutrino sector, investigating questions of weak mixing, neutrino masses, CP violation, and physics beyond the Standard Model via the MINOS and NOνA long-baseline neutrino experiments. You can read more about MINOS and NOνA here. On MINOS, we are probing νe appearance and conducting tests of neutrino/antineutrino equivalence. The NOνA prototype near detector is currently operating at Fermilab, and the far detector will come online in 2013. Our group has central roles in NOνA electronics, data acquisition, detector commissioning and calibration, and we are leading the analysis development toward the broad NOνA physics program. Someone joining our group now can become involved in any and all of these areas. I am also working toward new approaches to measuring leptonic CP violation, searching for sterile neutrinos, and elucidating neutrino interaction cross sections.

Previously, my efforts were on the MiniBooNE experiment, with the primary goal of testing the unexpected LSND evidence for νμνe transitions at high apparent Δm2. We did not reproduce the LSND signal using a νμ beam, but an excess of events below our analysis energy threshold remains unexplained, and the on-going MiniBooNE νμ running is producing intriguing results.

Other Info
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Ryan Patterson

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